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Creative Writing Workshop - Day Time

Who is the course for? If you enjoy putting pen to paper, or would like to learn how to write creatively come and join like-minded people in one of the Peter Symonds Adult and Higher Education morning, afternoon or evening courses or at a weekend (Saturday) workshop. All Creative Writing courses and weekend workshops are for people who are new to creative writing AND also for those who may have attended any of Nicky's previous courses. This course is for people who enjoy writing for pleasure and all material and exercises will be new.

What are the aims of the course?

  • To introduce different styles of writing and enable you to write in contrasting styles.
  • To encourage you to use variety in your writing for pleasure and self-development.

What does the course involve? Each session will cover a different aspect of writing through a variety of exercises. You will be looking at styles, genres of established authors and writing in your own style. This covers short stories, poetry, scriptwriting and dialogue and can be adapted to cover areas in which course participants may have a particular interest. There will also be opportunity for people to bring their own work to share with the class.

What topics will I be covering?

  • Looking at different styles and genres of writing.
  • Writing for pleasure in a variety of exercises: in verse and prose, using different genres, creating short stories, articles, dialogue and play scripts.
  • Looking at writing for different audiences.
  • Reading more selectively: looking at vocabulary and extending language, developing literary technical terms.
  • Learning the art of critique
  • Reading other people's writing
  • Development of own style of writing.

Do I need any previous knowledge or entry qualifications? None whatsoever, other than an enjoyment of reading and writing.

What do I need to prepare for the course? To read as wide a selection of authors as possible.

If you have any queries about the course content please feel free to email the tutor Nicky Morris on   

How much time do I need to spend on home study? Optional weekly written exercise, for termly courses, plus reading for pleasure.

Materials Required: Paper/pens (maybe a word processor/computer at home).

What could the course lead to?

  • Self-satisfaction, self-awareness and self-development.
  • Seeing your written word in print.
  • Also further studies in English, Communication Studies and Journalism.

If you have any queries about the course content please feel free to email the tutor, Nicky Morris, on or the Head of Leisure, Demelsa Healey,

DayTimesNumber of WeeksStart DateEnd DateRoom
Saturday10:30 - 15:30114 Nov 202014 Nov 2020AC107
Staff Profile: Nicola Morris

Nicky Morris

Nicky has been Head of the AHED Access to HE programme since 2005, delivering Creative Wrrintg classes as part of this programme and for the leisure programme too.
Her own educational journey began when she discovered her love of literature and the theatre on a two-year foundation Drama course in Chiswick. A teacher training course at Winchester's King Alfred's College followed, resulting in a BEd degree. Too many years were then spent in Hampshire comprehensive schools where Nicky taught a number of subjects and also engaged in the pastoral side of school life as a Year Head before she escaped to Adult Education in 2002, where initially she was teaching English GCSE and Creative Writing. Alongside this, she worked at the University of Winchester teaching Literature and Creative Arts on the Shoei course whilst setting up her own business, Icon-Tact Workshops, running training, coaching and mentoring workshops.

Nicky currently works full-time at AHED.  She loves her involvement with students on the Access course, where over the years she has seen so many mature students achieve their dreams of getting into university, but she also thrives on the achievements of her leisure Creative Writing students.  Students' poems and prose have a regular slot in the mid-Hampshire Observer and students progress to further study or into print in their own right as authros thanks to these regular weekly creative sessions. 

If you have any queries about the Creative Writing courses or workshops please contact Nicky on

Student Feedback

  • Excellent variety of exercises to get the inspiration going. I ventured outside my comfort zone and shared my writing with other people.  The space in which to do this was encouraging and supportive and I have gained more confidence in my ability
  • Wasn’t sure what this course was going to be but really enjoyed, it pushed me out of my comfort zone and onto my writing journey.  Got a good overview of creative writing styles and techniques. Useful course well taught.  Enjoyable and engaging.
  • An insight and taster into a variety of writing styles. Very enjoyable.  I hope to sign up for a weekly course – this has given me the confidence to write for myself.
  • I enjoyed the mixture of interactive exercises, listening to others, writing pieces – in a non-threatening way.  Friendly tutor who put us at ease. Felt stretched but more confident and with increased enthusiasm.
  • I think the course is excellent and is extremely well-taught. Good variety in the stimuli used to prompt writing. Constructive and helpful tips to improve work. Supportive comments. Excellent tutor creates a very supportive atmosphere in the class.
  • Love the fact that there is still new stimuli after a couple of years.
  • It has stimulated me to continue writing on more emotional subjects.
  • Excellent as ever which is why I keep coming. Varied sessions even though I have been for many terms. Wonderful, inspiring tutor who also makes it fun.
  • My writing is improving and it’s good to share with others on the course. Nicky is excellent. Please keep the course going.
  • The course is stimulating and entertaining. I am putting in my fair share of laughs. Sharing of writing is the best part of the course, but reading the different authors helps to extend my understanding of writing styles.
  • It was an interesting dynamic this term. I like having an assignment to complete each week.
  • Brilliant, fun, challenging, inspirational. Unbeatable education. A true eye-opener. Have relished the interaction and of course the seamless direction from Nicky.
  • Nicky has an open style to really bring out the creative thinking in me (and the class!). It was totally new territory for me and over the weeks I have built my confidence up. I would recommend it without hesitation.
  • Good combination of ‘in class’ and homework. The homework is key – peer pressure to do it. Gained confidence to write something on demand
  • Very good and varied. A chance to write creatively in a range of genres. Evening course worked well and a nice class mix
  • Nicky is endlessly creative in her classes. The course is fun, inspiring and one of the highlights of my week!
  • Fun course - energetic and warm – exploring different genres.
  • Nicky has a great way of motivating learners. She spurs us on and I need a bit of a push sometimes. I have reconnected with approaching creative writing as a learner. I feel that I have engaged in an open way with the process. Lovely to be back at AHED again!
  • Terrific, top value and great teaching. I liked the feedback received. I found other’s work inspiring. Thank you for putting up such a great lesson
  • Nicky’s given me the confidence to write creatively. I’ve really enjoyed it and feel inspired. I wish it went on for longer!
  • My first aim of enjoying the course was achieved. I have benefitted from class feedback on written work and my confidence in writing has increased.
  • Found it stimulating and interesting. Enjoyed the group and sharing stories. Nicky was supportive and non-judgemental and she made the sessions interesting, stimulating and fun. Excellent variety of challenges. 
  • Well -paced course with a good balance of fun and learning. It has inspired and encouraged me to continue writing.
  • Confidence in writing. Escapism. New idea and getting creative juices going ….Nicky is a wonderful tutor who gives such a variety. She always makes you feel whatever you do is right.  Great pace and momentum. Thank you Nicky!
  • Interesting introduction to the subject – got further than I thought I would.
  • The day passed really quickly in a very good way! Jump started ideas and gave lots of food for thought.
  • I feel that my confidence has increased and I feel more able to pursue writing projects independently.
  • I feel encouraged to do more creative writing and try different styles and approaches.
  • First class as ever. I have started to explore different styles of writing for myself.
  • I really enjoy it. I have now got the confidence to write and have overcome the fear of the blank page.
  • Now that the group has ‘gelled’ I would be happy for more constructive criticism of work read out in class. I have now got a folder full of pieces that I would never have got around to writing.
  • Excellent course and teaching. The sessions are stimulating and interesting. The tutor introduces new styles and themes which I would not have attempted independently.
  • Brilliant and inspirational. Really enjoyed it! Good interaction with others. Lots of inspiration for creating stories.
  • As always thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the highlight of my week!
  • I enjoy the opportunity for fun recreational writing and the chance to practice different writing styles
  • Useful, inspiring, tremendously enjoyable. Nicky is inspiring, nurturing & fun with incisive, constructive feedback. Great teacher.
  • I have a sense of fulfilment. Six years after starting to write I had a positive response from a professional writer a few days ago!!
  • I enjoy (and am impressed with) the range of different starting points Nicky uses.
  • The course is exceptionally well designed, giving pointers and teaching, mixed with space to exercise creativity.
  • I have gained more confidence.
  • Nicky is always encouraging and I enjoy Tuesday mornings very much. I write about subjects that I may not have considered before. Listening to my peers gives me food for thought.
  • It’s great. I have extended my writing abilities and experience.
  • Brilliant and inspiring – also addictive! Tutor and content as good as every other term.
  • Extremely knowledgeable and creative teacher who made the term fun. An amazing variety of homework topics. Nicky has the ability to bring the best out of everyone.
  • The course is all I had hoped for and more. Having attended other courses I can’t believe my luck. Nicky is an excellent tutor – always seeing the positive and being encouraging despite the calibre of some of the writing I have done. Thank you for helping me to begin to realise a long held dream.
Courses Information

Creative Writing Workshop - Day Time

Course Code: G38A
Course Dates: 14 Nov 2020 - 14 Nov 2020
Course Fees: £44
Location: Weeke - AHED Centre

Fees are correct at the time of publication and may be subject to change. For degree programmes, please note that the fee showing is charged per annum.

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