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Art: Portrait Drawing and Painting - Evening

Portrait Drawing & Painting

Tutor: Eve V Dawson


This Portraiture course is run by Eve V Dawson, an MA graduate in Fine Art.  Eve has many years of art experience and enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills in all aspects of painting and drawing.


What are the aims of the course?

The aim of this Portraiture course is for each person to come away with a sense of achievement having completed a portrait or two.  You will be supported as you gain confidence in your individual artistic capabilities and will experience using a selection of techniques, materials and processes which will enable you to create further works.


What does the course involve?

Each week we will start with quick ‘warm up’ by drawing observational sketches of the human form in pencil, black pen or charcoal. After the ‘warm up’ we will then discuss how to go about producing a portrait and all that entails.


What topics will I be covering?

The course will cover topics such as sketching the human figure, facial construction, composition, colour, texture, light & shade and application of paint etc. We will also look at the work of other artists and take inspiration from their colours, style and techniques.


Do I need any previous experience? This course is suitable for absolute beginners and those with some previous experience.


What do I need to prepare for the course?

To prepare for this course, please try and spend some time observing and sketching the human face and figure either from family photographs, art books, TV or the internet. These sketches can be very, very basic (stick men even). Also, please consider whose portrait you would like to paint and in which medium.


How much time do I need to be prepared to spend on home study?

Individual study is entirely up to you; some like to continue working throughout the week, but others prefer to wait until the next class. Remember, however, sketching can be done at any time.


What materials do I need?

Please Note: The college provides tables, easels and drawing boards available for use in class, but materials are not included in the price of the course. 

You will need to have a selection of the following:

  • A variety of paints, oil or acrylic

  • A selection of pens, pencils, pastels or chalks

  • Readymade canvases, canvas boards or thick smooth cartridge paper

  • Two water jars

  • A selection of paintbrushes & palette knives, suitable for your chosen medium

  • Old shirt or overall to protect your clothes


Eve will give you plenty of tips and advice about materials and techniques through the course. She recommends Jackson’s online suppliers or Amazon, but there are also other suppliers out there! 


If you have any queries about the course, course content or materials required please do not hesitate to contact Eve on or


Model Fees: Model fees are NOT included in the course fee

Please note that the tutor will be organising live external models for several sessions of the course for which if there will be an additional fee to pay. The tutor will advise the amount at the start of term. This fee is paid direct to the tutor in cash or by contactless payment at the first session, for the full course. As a guide, this amount could be around £20-30 per student, but this amount may vary depending on student numbers enrolled and how many live model sessions are included in the course. The tutor will give you a receipt for your payment, but is unable to refund any monies if you are absent from a live model session.

DayTimesNumber of WeeksStart DateEnd DateRoom
Monday19:30 - 21:30809 May 202211 Jul 2022AC122
Staff Profile: Eve Dawson

Eve Dawson

An MA postgraduate of Winchester School of Art, Eve is self employed visual artist working from her home studio. Her work is a perfect balance between the serendipitous and the planned.

Having worked for many years in an Abstract Expressionist way, since Covid and three lockdowns, Nature has inspired a mixed media approach using acrylic paints, inks, charcoal on paper and canvas. Eve’s work now leans towards the representational, maintaining many of the expressive and varied applications of paint as used formerly in her work. Her paintings are alive with vibrant colours and energetic gestures.

As well as her studio practise, Eve runs a variety of workshops, courses and ‘En Plein Air’days. She also works to commission, and her work is collected by private individuals both in the UK and internationally. A recent work titled ‘Summer Meadow’ created during a lockdown, appeared on the Grayson Perry 'Art Club' programme at the end of Episode 2, as a submission on the theme of Nature.

Eve looks forward to meeting and working with you in one of her art classes or workshops at Peter Symonds College, AHED.

If you have any queries, or wish to find out more about the course content, please feel free to send a message via:


Student Feedback:

Express yourself through Drawing:

  • Excellent assistance from tutor with my individual work, which has greatly improved my drawing skills
  • An opportunity to draw challenging subjects under supervision
  • Have appreciated the tutor’s pro-active approach and gained an insight into drawing
  • Improved my observation of subject and my drawing skills have improved too
  • Gained confidence to draw at home and to use photograph as a ‘model’
  • All really excellent.  Gained more confidence in my skills
  • Eve is encouraging and helpful. Her class is well planned and organised.

Splash of Colour Workshop:

  • I really enjoyed the course and the teaching was very effective and engaging. As a qualified adult education teacher myself I thought that the class was well paced, incorporated differing learning styles and the teacher was considerate of participants individual needs.  I would definitely attend classes/courses with the same tutor and also recommend them to others. 
  • Eve was great! I created some great canvases that I am very happy with; would attend another of her courses.
  • Learned a new painting style in a fun way.
  • Just what it promised…overcoming the fear of starting a painting.  Learned new techniques, used different tools and more about colour. Relaxed, comfortable and clearly explained.
  • A warm welcome.Tutor always ready to re-explain, very patient and kind. Really enjoyed this course and felt very comfortable with the tutor.
  • Very enjoyable introduction to a wide range of ideas and techniques.  Incredible how the group all used same colour palette yet achieved such different results.  Thanks Eve. 
  • A fabulous, creative workshop.
  • Fun. Excellent. Eve was informative and creative. A fun day
  • Love Eve’s style of getting you to push it, just that little bit further, and she’s always right!
  • An interesting approach (which works) and a friendly expert tutor. Thank you Eve

Portrait Drawing:

  • Eve is encouraging and helpful. Her class is well planed and organised.
  • I can learn from and be inspired by the other students in the class. I’m progressing myself and getting a better eye for drawing figures in proportion.
  • Love having such a range of people in the class all using different styles and mediums.  Eve is of course fantastic.

Art Workshop Painting for Complete Beginners:

  • This was a free flowing course, which was not so structured as to be stifling. It was a successful and inspiring day.
  • Brilliant! Gave me confidence to add paint to paper; inspiration to do more and knowledge about the techniques we used.
  • A good overall course for a beginner like myself. Eve explains things clearly. Learned more about art in one morning than I did during 2 years at school 50 years ago! Also learned about mixing colours and framing parts of an overall painting
  • Lots of knowledge on techniques – I loved it and I would have liked more time. Eve has a very approachable and open teaching style.  Really encouraging and happy to share knowledge.

Drawing & Painting for All

  • It has been interesting to experience a new tutor who has different ideas. With Eve, I have learnt new techniques and tried different mediums.
  • Eve has pushed us to look at painting in a different light – more freely. She has been extremely helpful and I have learnt in other ways. Always circulating, and giving advice when asked for, she has worked very hard to think up varying topics and themes.  She is been good for us! 
  • Inspired to continue to improve.  Nice relaxed class with excellent tuition.
  • It was not what I was expecting but was good in different ways.  Eve is enthusiastic and a generous tutor. Beginning to get back my painting ‘mojo’.

Oil Painting Workshop for Complete Beginners

  • Very relaxed, supportive group with good instruction and techniques
  • Very helpful throughout – learnt about different techniques which included mixing and blending
  • Excellent introduction to oils.  Good to have a small but manageable task – a simple still life.  It’s amazing what can be achieved in such a short space of time. Great facilities.  Allowed to work at our own pace, yet still provided ongoing support throughout the session.  
  • Taught a variety of brushing and scraping techniques in a practical fashion. Very enjoyable.
Courses Information

Art: Portrait Drawing and Painting - Evening

Course Code: A19C
Course Dates: 09 May 2022 - 11 Jul 2022
Course Fees: £119
Location: Weeke - AHED Centre

Fees are correct at the time of publication and may be subject to change. For degree programmes, please note that the fee showing is charged per annum.

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