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Leisure Courses

At Peter Symonds College AHED we offer a wide and varied programme of leisure courses and workshops.  From Art to Fitness, Calligraphy to Willow-weaving (Basketm aking), Cake Decorating to Sewing we have an A - Y of topics on offer. Check out the programme on offer.

You will find yourself learning alongside like-minded individuals, in a friendly and welcoming evironment, from an experienced tutor who is a practitioner in their subject.

All workshops and courses are open to students aged 19+.

Creative Arts

Camera on Special InterestThe AHED Creative Arts courses are a varied and diverse selection of topics, which do not fall easily into the other sections.

Amongst those on offer in this section are regulars such as Creative Writing, Digital Photography, Basketweaving / Willow Weaving and Traditional Calligraphy.

You will find a new range of workshops sessions from our Complementary Therapy programme under Health & Fitness.  These include introductory & taster sessions on Massage, Nails, Aromatherapy, Camouflage Makeup and Hairdressing techniques. (These topics are offered at a higher level and may lead you to a Vocational qualification course).

All of these courses and workshops are run as leisure courses, offering adult students (19+) the opportunity to have fun whilst learning new skills and meeting like-minded people, without any pressure or stress of examinations or qualification criteria.

Our courses run termly, launching September, January and April - these open for enrolments in the latter half of the previous term; our workshops run across the year. New topics and sessions are added to the Leisure programme on a regular basis, with new courses always being considered. Please keep an eye on our website for updates and further information and watch this section for any new additions! 

Please let us know if there is a course or possible subject you would like us to offer in the future. 

If the course you wish to join has already started, please email the Head of Curriculum (Leisure) on and we will check with the tutor if it is possible for you to join.

Workshop Refreshments/Lunch break:
For all workshops you may wish to bring refreshments and a packed lunch with you. If your workshops runs for more than 4 hours your tutor will allocate a 30 minute lunch break to be taken during the day.

If your workshop is based at Peter Symonds Sixth Form site, Owens Road there is NO access to vending machines; your closest retail outlets are Tesco Express, Andover Road or Stockbridge Road.
If your workshop is based at AHED in Stoney Lane, Weeke, there are on-site vending machines for snacks/hot drinks as well as local shops a short walk away.

Basic tea and coffee is available for worshops in addition to the Weeke coffee machine.

Please note:

If you are booking a Leisure course or worshop for someone other than yourself, or as a gift, please enrol with us in person or by phone rather than enrolling online. 

Please call/visit Registry on 01962 889547; there is an answerphone for messages outside office hours.

Any other queries please call our Reception team on 01962 886166.